Eucalyptus Perriniana
Spinning gum. Evergreen. Grow as a tree or pruned shrub. Smooth, blotchy bark. Blue/green circular leaves surround stems. Cream flowers. Attractive and aromatic. Coppices well. Plant in full sun in moderately fertile acid - neutral soil. Keep plant moist. Stake in 1st year if exposed. Pests and diseases - trouble free. Very Hardy.
Eucalyptus Pulverulenta
Silver leaved mountain gum. Small Tree. This is becomming a rare species in Australia. Juvenile stems Very glaucous. Silvery white heart shaped and clasps the stems. Adult foliage is similar in colour and shape to the juvenile. Hardy. Produces masses of fruit and flower as a young plant.
Eucalyptus Citridora
Lemon scented gum. Powdery White bark. Hairy juvenile stems, long fine narrow adult leaves. Strong lemon scented leaves. Popular greenhouse and conservatory specimen. Tender if planted outside in most parts of UK. Will survive in sheltered South West locations.
Eucalyptus Robusta
Tropical species. Must be grown under cover in the UK. Fast growing and attractive leathery leaves green to coppery red.
Eucalyptus Teriticornis
Very tender tropical species. Attractive green to red juvenile leaves. Grow under cover in the UK.
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